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Believe it or not, I’m really new to the whole youtube thing. I had no idea how much stuff is on there. As I’ve begun adding my own videos to youtube I have been stumbling upon some good stuff from time to time. This morning I found this little gem.

Gregg Kreutz is a former student of David Leffel, which is still fairly evident in his current  work. In my book list I name Gregg’s Problem Solving for Oil Painters as a big influence in my painting education.

I always enjoy watching a good teacher/artist at work. I also enjoy contrasting their process with my own. I always seem to learn something new. Take a peek at this video. When I work I see my subject in a more optical (or literal) fashion. Gregg sees in much more of a conceptual way, taking certain creative liberties with his subject while capturing the essential truths of what the light tells us about the surface of the subject. He works up the entire painting all at once, where I try to visualize the whole painting while working on it piece by piece. In both methods the same problems have to be tackled. We’re both concerned about color and value relationships and the effective translation of form, not to mention a good likeness — which in my art vocabulary means good draftsmanship.

I particularly like how he uses the background color in the transitional middle tones between light and shadow. He mentions this in his book as well. I don’t consciously do that but I do make my transitional tones more neutral, which does, in the end, relate to my typically neutral backgrounds. So the thought process there is different, but I think we both accomplish about the same thing. I think I would like to try a few paintings where I execute my halftones more like he does. That will necessitate a good color study before I start so I really know where I’m going. Should be interesting.

Happy painting!


4-10-12 UPDATE!Gregg Kreutz is giving a five day workshop at Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio April 22-26 of 2013. If you are in the Seattle area or are able to travel save your spot now. I’m seriously considering it for myself. I’m overdue for a workshop. Details HERE.

3 thoughts on “Gregg Kreutz

  1. I just finished his book myself, really great stuff and well worth the few bucks I paid. Besides being a total internet freakshow I’m also an insane art nerd and am steadily building up my shelf of art history and art instruction books, so of course his was a welcome addition. It’s funny that you posted his video right after the one of Michael Siegel because they both studied with David Leffel who is responsible for a lot of artists these days that are more along the Rembrandt-esque style. Youtube offers a TON of clips and even some full videos of really great artists doing their thing so it’s always fun to find new ones…oh and yeah, now you’re part of that too David! ;p


    • Yes. It’s easy to spot a Leffel disciple. Some are better than others. I think Gregg is his own artist, though, unlike some. It always amazes me the huge swath David Leffel had cut.

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