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Hi, Everyone! Thank you for visiting DGOilPaintingTechniques.Com.

I have been a professional oil painter since 1997; full time since December of 2002. I have a BFA from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA, but in many ways I consider myself primarily self taught. I have had a lot of informal instruction; e.g. reading lots of books and magazines on the subject (and actually doing what they teach), and have taken a few workshops from noted artists. I consider myself an eternal student of the medium and the process.

I have been through a lot, spent tons of money on supplies, spent countless sleepless nights mulling over techniques and tools. In short, I have trudged along on this journey of oil painting for several years now and would like to share my knowledge (limited though it be) through this site. I hope you find the information on this blog informative. As I like to say, “I’m STILL learning”. In fact, I look forward to my next workshop (as soon as I can find the time and the cash).

If there is anything you would like me to cover please let me know via a comment on a post, or you can email me at david@dgoilpaintingtechniques.com, and I will try to cover it in a future installment.

If you would like to see a fairly complete list of my officially recognized accomplishments, please visit the bio page of my website here.


Happy Art Making!


45 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Since most of us are too far to attend your classes what are the chance you making e-class or DVD for coming September class?

    • I have been hoping to make a dvd for the last couple of years. Just can’t seem to fit it into my schedule. I will do one though sometime. E-class is a possibility. Hard to say right now.

  2. Hello David.

    Really i think you are very talented artist, and your great high level performance ,it let me imagining how would be to work or developing me more with you,it is, if is possible ,i would like to know if you have posted new vídeos, it is, just showing more technic and tips,and where i could to find them…and know which the themes that more you are directioned and like….


  3. Hi David, Your technique videos are a treasure and are very inspiring. I have a question about the background music credits in your videos. I would love to get some of those titles, but can’t seem to find them on ITunes or Amazon. Can you help me with that?

  4. Hello David.

    I watch one your vídeos on web,and i wondered your talent in this área. i am a brazilian Designer Paint just in moment searching an opportunity in replics or reproduction of paintings área,so here we dont get so tradiction,and i would like to take one doubt, the quality of canvas does difference when if want to get a special effect like high lights or the better performance from artist could to surmount it? ….answer me if possible,sorry my english.


  5. Hello David Gray.

    Could i to use another email-address to contact you and telling ,discussing interchanging informations about art and of course a little about me too?


  6. Hey! I love your posts and videos, I was wondering if you could do a video on composition, maybe historically, and how you go about it yourself? Same with how you choose/set up/photograph your subject matter…. :)

  7. Amazing. Wonderful. I definitely want to learn your technique, but I’m Italian. I don’t understand so much when you speak…

  8. Thanks for a great site, and very informative videos. I found you on Youtube as I was looking to better understand the materials of oil painting. I too have been an artist for many years, but I never really paid much attention to the process. I just did what came naturally. For the first time in my career I have some very important portrait commissions coming up (I’ve really only done portraits of models at studio sessions and it has always been a “shoot from the hip” process for me), and I felt it was time to truly understand how to approach making a great portrait, and how to make sure the materials and process I use will last for a long time. Thanks for sharing what you do. I’ve learned a lot from your videos over the last few days. You rock David. A true scientist of the field, with gorgeous artwork.

  9. hey david , i am a high school art student , wanting some feedback on my work. i find ur work extremely impressive and educational. It also has been very influential to my style but i have been struggling with my art recently , i cant seem to decide whether to stick with realism ,which i feel very comfortable with or go to expressionism ,where i feel like i can generate more conceptual ideas , i would be very thankful if u looked at few of my works and possibly give me sum feedbacks.


    • Hello Anuj. Finding one’s way often takes a lot of time. Try not to rush it and see what comes more naturally. In my opinion you will have to make a choice eventually if you want to really say something. Otherwise you will remain a dilettante. Once you master one form of expression is the time to experiment with other forms. Good luck!

  10. I am an aspiring artist who only learned I had the ability to draw, when I was 40 years old. I am now 54 and have been studying art ever since.

    I came across your video today and couldn’t pass it up when i saw how beautiful your portraits were.

    I have always been drawn to realism, although just recently, I discovered it’s alright to loosen up a bit. I think your work is sooooo phenomenal, you definitely have a God given talent.

    Soon I will be spending the majority of my time creating my own works of art, and I can only hope it will have the same impact yours does.

    Thank you for allowing us into part of your world, you are helping to inspire so many!!


  11. David,

    I cant begin to explain how very beautiful your work is… will be really very blessed if I ever get to meet you and learn from you ….. please let me know if that opportunity opens up…

    Thanks ……

  12. Thank you so much for showing us a bit about how you work. This is especially helpful for me. I have been an artist since I was little, drawing and painting with various tools – penicls, color pencils, pastels, oil pastels, charcoal, pen and ink, acrylics, airbrush – and currently digital art. I am a professional graphic artist/vfx animator. But I’ve always wanted to venture into oils and paint realism – because that is what I love the most. I am currently studying various realist masters on the Google Art Project. I’m also in the process of converting a room in my home to be an art studio. The field of oil painting is vast, as you well know, so it’s very intimidating to me. But you’ve helped me by showing how you work and what you do. The three main areas I would like to venture into with oils is Aviation Art and Landscapes and even portraits – all in the realism setting. Thank you for your blog here and your videos.

    Dale Jackson

  13. I am one of your biggest admirers. I had watch all your videos and read all your articles. I am planning to attend your upcoming workshop in January and would like to know at what time is the last session since I have to leave the country to go back to Lima Peru.

    Thank you and looking forward to meet you.

    Katiuska Alemi

  14. I just love your paintings and your lessons are just great. As I live in the UK I cant attend any of your lessons but will avidly follow you video lessons from now on Thanks you so much for making them.

  15. I can’t get over how small this world has gotten! I was watching a beauty video on youtube, found your video from a related videos list. Thought it would be cool to check out your site and see more awesome work, maybe even tips. It took me a good couple hours before I finally read your bio and saw that you went to PLU! That’s so awesome, because I also went to PLU. So I figured it would be nice to say hello and that you are crazy talented. Keep doing what you do!

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